Every decade needs its own brand of handicrafts. - Liberty Hyde Bailey

The latest news in the market Indian handicrafts is the recent revelation, industry and handicraft stands at $ 100 billion industry worldwide and India has 1.2% of the market this field. Rubbing salt into the wound is the fact that China, Indonesia and Vietnam is the country's largest exporter of handicrafts, globally.

Although industry crafts India is showing signs of improvement (the first half of the current fiscal year was $ 1.07 billion, about 24 percent up from the $ 864 million achieved in the first half of last year), the real problem is - it is still 3 miles away from the coveted top spot. Dayanidhi Maran Textiles Union Minister announced that his Ministry will be a top priority to put together schemes and other initiatives to promote marketing of handicraft products and brocade. The Ministry has set a target of exporting $ 2.2 billion, dedicated to arts and crafts segment

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Many small exporters, their debt by performance on three key elements :. no information on market demand, the size and use of obsolete machinery and their small / technology.

India has many USPs to help it become one of the largest export factor globally.These

* Easy availability of labor, that too at a cheaper price.

* Easy availability of raw materials.

* High domestic consumption.

the industry crafts provide livelihood to more than six million artisans, of which a large portion is constituted by women artisans from the weaker sections of the usually social. US, Canada, France, Britain, Italy and Germany were the largest importers of these products Indian handicrafts. One encouraging sign is the growth in sectors such as retail, real estate, etc. which has increased the demand for handicraft products in urban areas.

Despite all the positive signs that we have discussed above, there are a number of regional issues (mainly for the segment of small-scale crafts)

* Lack of innovative application of new technologies, although awareness.

* Lack of funds to establish a handicraft company / factory etc.

* Inability to stay in touch with changing trends and market demands

* Lack of adequate infrastructure

* Image problem - .. the industry is limited to smaller cities and rural areas, and is not considered an attractive career choice.

slowly but gradually things improved in the field of Indian handicrafts. With the renewed interest of the current government, industry crafts India seems well on his way to a speedy recovery. Businesses have also begun participating interest in the field of arts and crafts which will further accelerate its growth. Many handicraft exporters are also using online media as a distribution channel to tap Western markets. Hopefully in the near future, Handicrafts of Indian exporters will be able to script a success story of the remarkable of all time.

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