About us

Oriental Home Co., Ltd is one of Vietnam’s leading companies in designing, producing and exporting a diverse range of quality eco-friendly handcrafted home décor & accessories and gifts to customers worldwide, especially North America, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Oriental Home is handcrafted coiled bamboo gifts and tableware and decorative home accents and home decor accessories products suppliers

Our range includes all kinds of baskets, bowls, trays, dishes, plates & platters, boxes, containers, canisters, jars, chests, hampers, vases, pots & planters, candle & T-light holders, placemats & coasters, frames & albums, mirrors, home furnishings, tableware, etc. as well as many other kinds of unique handmade homeware, home decorative accessories, home accents and gift items. In addition, we have the ability to make custom-made designs to customers' specifications. 

We entirely hand craft our products by using environmentally friendly processes, sustainable natural resources and recycled materials such as natural lacquer resin, bamboo, rattan, fern, jute, paper, MDF, wood fibre, fibre glass, composite, silk, mother of pearl, recycled eggshell, silver leaf, coconut shell, etc. or of a combination of such materials. These products come in a wide range of styles, colors, finishes and sizes.

Oriental Home distribution handcrafted spun bamboo gifts and tableware and decorative home accents and home decor accessories products producers

Each piece is unique and handcrafted one at a time by our skilful artisans & craftsmen. We pay strict attention to the smallest details of our craftsmanship and detailed quality control is strictly enforced at each step of the entire production process, from hand selecting raw materials to packing finished products for delivery. Each piece is carefully checked and double-checked by our quality inspection team prior to shipping to ensure each product is a quality & truly unique piece for your houses, apartments, offices, hotels, events and so on.

Also very importantly, we are using fair trade practices and a living wage commitment. All of our products are crafted responsibly, we use fair labor laws and no child labor throughout our production process and this principle has earned us hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

As a customer and quality focused company, we make every effort to ensure our customers receive high quality products and services at competitive prices and commit to working closely with each customer to develop long term relationships for mutual benefits.

Our collection is regularly updated to suit your tastes. Please visit us often for our new upcoming items & designs.

We are also looking for global Distributors and Sales Agents and Representatives for our products and if you are interested in doing business with us, please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed terms and conditions.